Tuesday, November 17, 2009

damn, girl

Okay, so my shoe closet is kind of out of hand. I'll admit it, I'm a shoe addict. I've been pretty good for the last few months, staying on the straight and narrow and what not but... then I saw THIS:

She had me at 'hello'.

I love Dolce Vita. Once I get these babies, I'll have my triangle of fly ass shoes--all in black--my real trompers, not the frou-frou Miu Miu heels that I only wear twice a year because I'm afraid of breaking the heel.


  1. OMFG. dude. can you say twinz?
    I bought the high version "Josey" at the F&F promotion.
    I think we are soulmates. . . .

  2. ^^haha, i was just about to post 'you NEED those boots, my friend may k has the tall version and they are HOT'. but she beat me to the punch! anyway, you MUST get those boots. i wish i had them too. ~joelle