Thursday, June 4, 2009

mine, all mine.

I was browsing Nasty Gal when I came across this little beauty by Tadashi:

The best part EVAH? I already own this baby, and it cost way less than their asking price of US$368. Actual retail price? About 340 dollars less, ya heard? Something about the shoulders screams A. Wang, but with much less petty blogger douchery.


  1. dudeeeeee. if you ever want to sell the shreds of your thick girls are dope tee I'm fucking BUYING IT. seriously by the time I decided I wanted it - it was all sold out. I even posted about my heartache.

    but YES. Lurk Harder will probably beat out my octane hauler stained ass shirt for my most worm shirt.

    . . . kinda wish it was white though.

  2. loooove very! I swear nasty gal overprices their items up the wazoo >:(